Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Topic

I had a chat with two guys tonight. One is about to get married and
the other one has a girlfriend. I do not know how we got to talking
about how they make their girlfriend feel secure after a severe bout
of jealousy but somehow our nonsense talk veered towards this
direction. They both said the same thing. They try their best to woo
the girl after a moment of doubt. They try to convince the girl that
the girl is the only one for them. While they are convinced that
everybody knows that no amount of assurance will help, they do it
anyway until the girl feels all better.

I thought this was really sweet.

I wish them all the best. Their partners are fortunate. I am thinking,
they are too, for finding a person that they do not tire of assuring
and more importantly loving.

Today, while I was super tired because my day was nonstop from 9am
until 6pm, I am surprisingly at peace. Thank You Lord. :)

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