Saturday, October 29, 2011


I miss having a hand to hold. I miss my hand being held. i miss having a hand search for my hand. I miss being wanted. I miss being assured every single day without my bidding. I miss having someone to lean against. I miss being pulled close in an embrace. I miss being longed for. I miss being able to stare into somebody's eyes and seeing myself in delight. I miss feeling warm lips against mine. I miss being wanted. I miss being acknowledged. I miss being somebody's world.

Missing all these make me feel I am missing out on life. I have to stop missing these because life is right in front of me happening. It is not going to wait.

I have to move on, regardless whether I will ever have all that I am missing. I trudge on, wandering listlessly hoping and dreaming.

I dream of being able to dream aloud with another. I dream of staring in the same direction and painting the same picture. I dream of long conversations in silence. I dream of a lifetime of love and laughter and adventure. Others are able to find it, I hope I can too. I want beyond what I miss. I want my dream.

I look around now and I wonder where do I go from here?

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