Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was able to taste this amalgamation of meat and soup paradise
wrapped in dimsum wrapper in Taipei. I almost missed it so I can go
around the city some more... You know how I can be when in a foreign
place but the Taiwanese professor I was in partnership with urged me
to come with them to a famous restaurant that turned out to be Din Tae
Fung. I was able to try their first ever restaurant. We ordered
different types of dimsum, I will post the pictures here as soon as I
find them in my hard disk. The dimsums I tried are the best ever I
have tried.

In 2010, I was happy to have been able to go to Hong Kong because Din
Tae Fung has a branch there. I was able to try the Silver Cord branch
at Kowloon. The branch did not disappoint. I was so happy because I
was able to allow my family to try the Xiao Long Bao there.

In the Philippines, I have tried some restaurants that serve Xiao Long
Bao. I have decided to write about them here so I will not forget. :)

There is Suzhou in Mabini. The wrapper is too thick for me but other
than that, this is actually alright. The price is 90Php per four
pieces. I love their ginger sauce. The place is not upscale but the
food is great.

I have also tried Shilin and I must say this is the closest to Din Tae
Fung. The price is 250 for every 10 pieces if I am not mistaken. This
is located at the Podium.

Today, yesterday and three days ago (Yes, I have been frequenting
Golden Bay), I was able to try the Xiao Long Pao at Golden Bay in
Macapagal. I was disappointed all three times, the Xiao Long Pao does
not have enough soup inside and it does not have the same flavor.
Their sauce is not as good as the sauce provided by Suzhou too... I
love their Snow Lady though. (An absolute must try!)

I would like to try Crystal Jade restaurant in Greenhills. I have not
tried that place yet. I hope too soon though. :)

Xiao! :)

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