Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silver Lining

I have been out of my element lately!

As I left my friend's car tonight, I caught myself tangled with the seatbelt and my jacket! Seriously! I ended up laughing my heart out, out of sheer frustration! *aargh!!!* What is wrong with me?

I am growing constellations of pimples (understatement!) on my chin. I have accidentally overwritten a file that is soh important to me I cannot even begin to describe. For a while, I thought I would keep it to myself, thinking my friends would judge me. The minute I saw my closest friend though, everything just poured out. I almost cried. My friend did not judge me. Instead, he found possible solutions to my problem. I was so relieved. I am glad he was able to see my pain. Not only did he try to provide solutions, he also cheered me up with his magic tricks.

Thank You for sending me people who are really there to help out. While today was such a stressful day, I was not able to hear mass and all, I felt Your presence through the people who were there for me.

Thank You because through them, I feel Your love.

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