Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lolo Duh-ed's

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... maybe because I have been trying so hard to forget... *hehe!*

My friends and I tried the Eat-All-You-Can Sirloin, Wagyu, US Ribeye, Prawns, Risotto, Mashed Potato, Rice at Lolo Dad's Brasserie for only 1200 Php+ 10%.

It was a rather disappointing experience. The beef were not consistent in size. I am talking drastic inconsistencies here. Too bad I did not take pictures because I did not bring with me a decent camera. Some were of decent size, some were really like meat scraps.

I was served rare instead of medium well once. My friend was served grilled instead of baked prawns (twice!). When we told the server it was wrong, the waiter wanted my friend to eat it. When my friend refused, the server just left it on the table for us to still eat it... Talk about force feeding. Our orders got switched. The sirloin was not tender. At all. There were wagyus that were decent but most of it was not tender either. Sauce got spilled on the table cloth so the waiter took my friend's table napkin to cover the mess! It took a really long time before food came out. I was served cold steak. If Gordon Ramsay were there, he would just switch off the kitchen.

I had high expectations because I have heard wonderful things about Lolo Dad's along Quirino Avenue. The 6750 Lolo Dad's sucks. We even saw a cockroach on the window. Yes, it was inside the restaurant. Service sucked big time. The only time there were waiters waiting was the time when Tony Boy Cojuangco was inside. the restaurant.

The waiter volunteered the information that the chefs were at a competition. My theory is that since the chefs were at the competition, the waiters had to cook and random strangers waited on tables. This explains the bad food and the bad service.

To conclude, we are not going to go back.

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