Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paper Writing

The reason why my proposal writing keeps on taking a backseat is
because I write papers. I am so excited about the paper that I am
writing right now. I initially thought the deadline was today but
fortunately deadline is almost a month from now *whew!*! I hope the
paper gets in, not because I am excited to go out of the country again
but because I really, really want this paper to get published. I am
really happy with our findings and I want it to be out there. I want
the paper to be reviewed by the experts. :)

The other paper that I have been praying for to get accepted, got
accepted *woohoo!!!*. This is going to get published by Springer and I
am soh happy!!! This conference will be at Diliman and I will not be
going out of the country for this, and yet, notice how happy I am, I
think I am maturing as a researcher *haha*! This conference was
organized by Osaka University. :)

I will be leaving the country some time this October for Hanoi,
Vietnam for a conference. I have also been praying for the paper to
get into this conference. Thank You Lord for your generosity. :) I
have never been to Vietnam and yes, I am excited! I hope I get to do
some fun stuff while there.

Okay, back to the paper that I was writing! :)


Yesterday and the day before have been above average wonderful. Thank
You dear Lord for the surprises that You bring my way. It makes me
giddy. Truly, You have blessed me. Please help me take care of Your
blessings. Sometimes I doubt because it is hard to believe that You
have given somebody as lowly as me so much. I realize that You do this
so that I may be able to channel Your love to others. Thank You for
entrusting me with so much. :)

You make me happy. I smile for You and because of You.

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