Friday, September 14, 2007

Term Break

28th Month

Vince and I celebrated our 2 years and 4 months with Janine at Sentro. I was coming from Ysabelle's because I checked out their gown which turned out to be sold already. I saw it at the Wedding Expo. Anyway, they can make me another gown made for me but it will be for 20K. I have not paid yet so I can still change my mind. I brought Janine along for a second opinion.

Vince met us at Sentro. He had dinner (by that time, we were already done) a bit late because he had to finish some work at at the office. After dinner, we decided to watch Hairspray, another musical from Broadway. It was a fun musical and it starred Zac Efron from the High School Musical! It was fun, that Janine, Vince and I wanted to dance along after!

After the movie, we stopped by Bizu because Janine and I were craving for an Opera cake. We had it take out because Vince was going to go home late already. Janine also picked out some macaroons that are still in our ref to this day.

Sonya's Garden

The term break has come and gone but I do not think I wasted a day of it. Last Thursday, we went up to Tagaytay and had lunch at Sonya's Garden. I love their garden! It's so pretty! I have been there with my baby on several occasions and I wanted to share the experience with my family.

They loved the place but my mom did not like the food very much since most of it were greens. I love eating salad! I can eat salad all day if only it were cheap and if it were easy to find all the greens. Maybe when I am married and I can make our own meals. Vince, prepare yourself to live the life of a goat hehe... grass here and grass there... Meh! Vinaigrette's my fave dressing but all they have is ranch dressing that's yummy too... and fattening. :) They also had frozen jackfruit that delighted my sister and of course other fresh fruits like melon, pineapple, etc. We also visited their Bed and Breakfast, my mom was appalled that all comfort rooms had big windows so that you can see nature and vice versa while you do your thang! :) She loved the house but we chose not to stay there because they did not have television sets, phone and the place is too far. It's in Alfonso, Cavite by the way just after the Royal Estate and Splendido.

Taal Vista Hotel

We were not really planning on staying overnight but you see, after eating so much my mom and Janine wanted to sleep so we decided to check in at Taal Vista Hotel (yup they don't call it Lodge anymore). We slept until six and then headed out for Antonio's.


It is such a romantic place! Hay. And the food... Yum! Don't get me started! I love their soup, salad wit Raspberry Vinaigrette hay these alone are enough to make my mouth water. The Sea Bass was just soh delectable and the dessert too! I got to meet Chef Antonio. I was surprised that he was still very young! Antonio's is such a great place i do not mind the difficult drive going there. My mom plans to come back soon in spite our bill of 5K haha!

Casino Filipino Tagaytay

After Antonio's, we headed out to Casino Filipino. I parked my RAV at Taal Vista first and then walked to the Casino Filipino. I was wearing my Havaianas so I did not mind but then I remembered that flip flops are not allowed in the casino and so I had to walk back to the car and wear Janine's tacky Happy Feet. It was a difficult walk back to the casino. Janine was able to go inside because she already had her license.

Inside, we got to play slot machines. Almost had a conflict with old women who did not want to give up their machines. Janine was waiting patiently but after the old woman's coins ran out she still did not want to give up the machine so I asked her nicely to allow us to play since we only had a few coins. She did not talk to us, instead she took the chair and turned it slightly over so we cannot sit down. She even told the woman beside her to make sure we do not touch the machine. Instead of provoking her further, I asked Janine to settle with the more expensive machines since there were less people there. Hehe... That was my first encounter with casino addicts. The slot machine should have two handles, that way they get to tone both arms. :)

After the casino, we went back to our room to watch some TV and sleep. It did not take us long before we went back to our room because the slot machine a.k.a. one-arm bandit stole our money in a very short time. We were not born to gamble (except in the stock market) so we did not bet so much that night. :) We were just in it for the experience.

We were supposed to have breakfast at the Bag of Beans but Janine insisted she wanted to have it in front of the Taal volcano so we had it at the Taal Vista. The food was yummy there too but of course the Bag of Beans experience could have been more different. Maybe next time.

Picnic Grove

There is nothing to see at the Picnic Grove really but my sister was inisting that we go. When we left the market (my mom bought some jackfruit and some steak) the weather was really great. But as soon as we got to Picnic Grove, it started raining soh hard! You'd think there was a thunderstorm! As soon as we got out of the Picnic Grove (20m. from it) the sun was shining again! Really weird! Anyhow, we just decided Picnic Grove was not meant for us to visit that day.

Pink Sisters

That morning, I also asked Janine to write a letter so that the Pink Sisters can pray for her. We went to the Pink Sisters to pray and to drop off our letters. After that we headed for Angels Hills.

Angels Hills

This place is where I had my Singles Encounter retreat right before I joined the Singles Apostolate of the St. James Renewal Movement. I wonder when I can convince Vince to join SE! :) Anyway, during the retreat, I got to try their Buko Tart and it tasted nice. I decided to get a box for mom, our unit and for Vince's family.

After the Angels Hills we were on our way back to Cavite.


I have not been in Cavite for the longest time. I think it has been more than a year. I missed the exercise machines. My mom has a collection of gym equipments. She has a treadmill, a stationary bike, climb master and other abs stuff that she has put away. I decided to make the most of my stay by running on the treadmill and sweating it out on the climb master. It was fun! My mom prepared steak with mashed potato gravy sauce for dinner and of course, fresh jackfruit!!! Yuhmeeh!


After dinner and some bumming around, we were back to the condo. We decided to come home because our beds were not made up and we did not want to bother my mom further.

Avenue Q

The following day, my sister, myself and my mom (Vince had his badminton tournament) got to see Avenue Q! It was such a fun musical. I thought Rachel Alejandro did very well as Kate Monster and Lucy The Slut. Hilarious! The playwrights and the composers are pure genius! Aiza did a great a job as Gary Coleman too! She definitely exceeded my expectations! Princeton's voice was nice but a bit soft. Christmas Eve was played by Frenchie Dy I think. She did good too... I think. I do not like Christmas Eve as a character per se... maybe that's why I did not give her performance much thought. :) I am still listening to the soundtrack and learning the music by heart because I am just soh in love with the musical!

The following day, we cleaned the condo because Jet was coming home from HK and we did not want him ranting about how dirty the place was. Later that night, we went to Italianni's to have dinner with my dad. Then we went to Hai to have beer with my dad. Yes, I do not drink but because he asked us to drink (including Janine) I had half a San Mig Light bottle! Janine had one bottle!

Jet will be on an all boys night out with my dad this Sat and on Sunday he'll be off on his way back to Saudi again.

So you see, my term break was definitely maxed out because I kept myself busy! Not that I am not busy right now hehe... :) This type of work gets me drained the term break activities got me all charged for this term. :) So to help me with stress, I am back to swimming! Yahoo!!!

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