Monday, September 17, 2007


Last Friday evening I found myself in a bus on the way up to Antipolo, listening to my iPod while holding in my pee. I was on my way to Our Lady of Antipolo Retreat House. I had no expectations. I felt far from the Lord for a while. I have not been hearing mass everyday anymore. This started when I had to do my Cisco training and right after that, I had to conduct a series of seminars at NCC. My routine was gravely disrupted and somehow, I have never gotten back to the program.

I attended a retreat with my LSCS students since I am their adviser. I have been for I don't know how many years already. I do not know when I started being their adviser. I'm glad I was able to go on a retreat with them because it was a very different experience.

Of all the retreats that I have attended, this was the most physical one. We literally cradled those who wanted to be prayed over. We literally washed the feet of the students so we can feel how, more or less, it felt like when Christ washed the feet of the apostles. Over all, it was a beautiful and meaningful retreat. It was led by Noel Judith.

In summary, I learned I am like a pencil. We all are.

  • We have some good in us. (i.e., Graphite that makes the pencil write)

  • We are sharpened every now and then.

  • We have erasers for when we make mistakes.

  • Somebody is holding us. (i.e., Jesus Christ)

  • We have to leave a mark.

So now it is Monday, I am back in Manila, with all the distractions and work and so many things to keep myself busy with. I still have fresh in my head my retreat and my confession to the priest (something I have not done in a while) and I am glad, slowly, I am coming back to my routine. I got to hear mass again today. It was a good one.

When I confessed, father said... "Don't be too hard on yourself.". My penance? Fr. Balatbat asked me to pray for those who have hurt me in the past. The Lord is a merciful God and I am just glad to be back Lord.


After the mass in Antipolo, I heard mass again with my fiance because he picked me up from HP. The bus could not go nearer Taft Avenue due to the board exams. I have missed him too so we decided to spend the rest of the day together. We saw The Brave One and it was such a great movie! Another Jodie Foster must watch film! Gave me the creeps though. I had so much fun last Sunday with my Baby! I love him soh much! Just really cannot wait to be his wife!

Okay it was not as creepy as Stephen King's 1408. Another must watch for those who just started dating! A guaranteed hug for the guys from the really scared date hehe...

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