Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gay Saturday!

Today, after swimming (Yay for me again! I have to stop using parentheses (it's annoying!)), my sister and I took a cab (promise, last one for this entry hehe... my car is in Cavite, my brother's car is sitting on our parking slot here) to MOA and skated for hours! I am glad that she has finally gotten the hang of it. For so long, she was not interested in skating. Thanks to peer pressure from her classmates, she suddenly felt this urge to learn! And now, she is all interested and wanting to learn how to figure skate! I cannot be more proud! She is indeed part of the family after all.. hehe... She was the only one who did not know how to skate in the family, well not counting my dad who is in Saudi where they use wax for ice. I know because I have tried skating in those. I did not know yet how to skate on ice then, but I knew how to rollerskate and it was terrible! I even got a burn to prove it. Not a blister but a burn. Yes. I forget the concept of pain when I am having fun! :) I know I said it was terrible but because it was skating, it was still fun. It was just a bit difficult to do because the blades kept on slippin on the thin was. Whoever thought of that should be sacked. Anyway, I still kept skating on wax until my dad forced me to get out of the rink and when I took off my skates, rectangular raw flesh was crying in pain in front of my very eyes. What did the staff of the rink do? He heartlessly sprayed on painful meds on my open wound! The rubber boot kept on rubbing against my leg and burned it. I know it's called rubber but I did not think it would literally rub my skin to raw flesh!

That was a really long side story! Anyway after skating, Vince met us at the rink so we can see Chuck and Larry. My sister has seen it with her friends but she watched it again tonight with Vince and me. We were supposed to see it last night but all seats were taken at GB3 so we opted for Joshua instead.

The movie was so funny! It's mostly about gay discrimination and really good friendship. I enjoyed every minute of it! No wonder we could not get seats last night, Adam Sandler has done it again! :) Along with all of his consistent supporting actors in Happy Madison productions.

If you have seen the Bee Movie trailer, you would know that Steven Spielberg said that E.T. is made of chicken wire and PlayDough. There is a part of the trailer where a CG Bee with the voice of Jerry Seinfeld says, try doing this with chicken wire and PlayDough and the guy two seats from where my sister was seated said, "Hello? Jurassic Park?". Talk about a guy who cannot take a joke. My sister thinks it was a first date with a girl. In most parts of the movie, according to my sister, the guy was making embarassing remarks. I did not notice because after last night, I had my fill of side shows.

You see, last night, while we were watching Joshua, there was a couple who were fighting. A Filipina and her foreign boyfriend were fighting about something and the girl just kept on hissing and for most of the time, talking out loud. The foreigner was crying already. It was amusing at first but after a while, it gets old.

Speaking of Joshua, the movie fell short of my expectations. The boy's acting was noteworthy though. Freak factor was definitely lower than that of 1408.

I know I am so disorganized, then again, I always have been. I am no closet case so I won't bother to restructure this whole thing. Drafts were never my thing.

After skating and before Chuck and Larry, we went to Time Zone because my sister had a loaded card. She played Guitar Freaks while Vince and I sat on a bench. I appreciated his warm armpits hehe... my hands were still freezing after skating for hours without a jacket.

Vince and I took a shot at the difficult stage of Dance Revo and did horribly. On the second round, we tried tag team. On the third round, we danced on one pad. He did the down and left button and I took care of the right button. It was fun! Thanks Janine!

After TZ we went to Jatujak and had our fill of Thai cuisine! Yum yum!

Then off to the movies we went!

I had so much fun with two of my favorite people in the world! :)

Thanks guys! :)

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