Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting Hitch-ed

I saw Hitch again this morning because it was on cable. This was the first movie that I saw with Vince along with my high school friend Bhennie (who introduced us with the encouragement of her mom). Watching it made me reminisce that experience.

I was coming from an outreach by FORMDEV, went home first to freshen up and then I met up with my friend. We invited him to watch the movie with us since he did not have anything better to do that time (or so he said). I was so panicky. I cannot remember why, but I was so self conscious then. I was worried that he might see something he did not like. It's superficial I know, but I guess dating sort of starts out that way. It's funny because now I cannot even remember what I was wearing anymore that day.

During the movie, Vince cried. I thought it was kind of cute that he cries in movies. He seemed sensitive. :) He was a gentleman throughout the film except that his right knee kept on touching mine and I kept moving my left knee away. :) He is still denying that this happened!

When we saw the movie we were not in love with each other yet but it feels nice looking back because I did not think that the man I was going to marry was that man next to me as I was watching Hitch. We saw this movie as unhitched people and now we are about to get hitched for life!

I am glad things turned out the way they did.

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