Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cisco Po!

I have started reading Cisco Sem 3. It has only nine modules but so far I am still in Module 2. As always there are a lot of things that I must remember. I have not so much time left until the five day crash course begins so I do hope I get to finish soon.

On the lighter side of things, we won the game against Ateneo! Also, I got to swim! Yehey for me! I do hope this becomes a regular habit. I was not able to hear mass today though because I moved very slowly this morning and I was also very sleepy. I think I am still tired from our retreat over the weekend. After swimming though, my muscles are feeling better already.

I cannot write much today even if I wanted to because it's already 1:30 in the morning and I would like to hear mass tomorrow before I begin a day of many meetings!

Whoever reads this today, please join me in praying for my passports' return. I sent my documents to Indonesia because the consulate office here basically does nothing. And, it has been two weeks and still I have not received my passport. I should be leaving on September 29 already for Hungary.


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