Saturday, August 06, 2005

Of Strikes and Spares

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Today is his bowling finals tournament and I am happy because I am going to get to watch him play. Tonight, I will rest from my thesis first because tonight is my baby's night. I will cheer for him! He is quite a bowler actually... Last week (I just had to see him play, I promised to be there) I saw him play. He would look at me and tell me, "This strike is for you" before he goes up to his lane and he will score a strike. Wow! So that's how it feels like to have someone score for you! Kewl! I can get used to this haha! He did play better when I was there, so much better that everyone in his team was teasing him about bringing me again to the next game which is tonight... He scored 170 and 173 in his last two games while in his first game he scored 143 I think... His past games have not been really as good as his last two games so I am inclined and would like to think so that I really do inspire him. I'm looking forward to tonight's game!!!

After bowling last week, we went to see a concert or what was remaining of the concert hehe... He got free tickets to the MTV Right to Royalty Concert and all we got to see were the oldies... like Kuh Ledesma, Mitch Valdez singing songs that the old ones would enjoy. It was fun nonetheless because I was with my baby. That was the first concert that we saw together. Anyway, after the concert, I was still at a partying mood. I was in a partying mood before the concert, in fact I was looking forward to dancing in the concert but the songs sang were very close to "Dito ba? O dito ba?... " I don't know what comes next... anyway needless to say I wanted to go and party still... so we went to Malate. I drove because I had to drive to Rockwell because I was going to go there late. My classes end at 440 and he had to be htere at 5pm. I drove us to Malate and partied until 3am. After which I drove him back to his company so he can get his car. I thought he was going to go home already so I waved goodbye after I got into SLEX. To my surprise he followed me all the way to the condo! He got home at around 430 am already. I thought that was just too sweet!

Today, we also celebrate our 3rd month of loving each other... Hmm... Wonder where we're going to hang out tonight after the tournament. It doesn't matter where... so long as I am with him.

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