Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Saturday

Yes, the kind with a red cape and an underwear worn outside. That kind
of super! :)

Tonight was eriously one of the best nights ever!!!

Tonight was loaded and packed with so many sweet surprises! Soh going
to my bottle. :) That makes me sound like a witch *hahaha!!!*. Please
see older entries for context.

I have never been this happy to hear my name said out loud. I never
liked my first name much but hearing it from one of the two oh so cute
and innocent kiddos was priceless. *sigh* I wanted to take the
munchkins home *hahaha!!!*.

I also got a red velvet cupcake. Seriously a great night.

Oh and the movie was funny, I cried and cried laughing.

Thank You Lord!

Now on to the more serious stuff.... Ack.

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