Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was at PGH today to see my dentist and I got there an hour early. I
was pleased to know that they have a 1215 mass at their chapel so I
decided to hear mass. There was somebody who talked about Our Lady of
the Miraculous Medal. I was unable to listen to the rest of the talk
because my mom called but Our Lady made an apparition and has been
interceding for many years now.

They gave out medallions after the mass. I waited for my medallion
before going to see my dentist. I was pleased. I finally understood
the reason for the medallions. At St. Paul, they used to give out the
medallions every October (Universally known as the month of the Holy
Rosary) but I never knew until today that there is Our Lady of
Miraculous Medal behind it. I hope I will not lose my medallion. :)

The homily was again about trials, and chaos and how after all this,
everything will be better.

I thank You dear Lord for the comforting message. I thank You for
always sending me people and comforting words and love.

Yesterday, the homily was about becoming happier and holier. I think
the last few days of turmoil has indeed made me, ironically, happier
and holier. Through the last few days, I was able to take a peek of
somebody who was in emotional anguish. Suddenly, I understood people I
used to not understand. Suddenly, I was more forgiving, more
sympathetic. During the last few days, I felt more love than I have
from the usual and the unusual places. So while the last few days were
horrific and I had moments in the morning when I did not want to get
up, I felt loved.

I realized that sometimes we demand love in the one place where we
cannot get it and totally ignore the abundance of love in other places
that are totally within our reach. We exhaust ourselves obsessing only
to realize in the end that there is more than enough love for you to
go around. Just not in the one place you are expecting it to be but
sometimes, that is fine. You would be surprised that, in time, that
one place may give you some love when you stop obsessing.

Thank You.

I guess it is true that only in the heat of the fire, and the
bludgeons of heavy steel can you forge the finest of swords. Dear
Lord, I also realized in the last few days, that I am fine with the
idea that I am not the best of swords... Enough of the heat and the
bludgeons please. :)

Thanks! :)

I only have 12 days left until my deadly deadline. I better really get

Tonight I sleep, tomorrow I work like crazy! :)


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