Thursday, November 24, 2011


I signed up for many months ago. Lately, I have bee
going through a rough patch and this email was in my inbox today:

When an obstacle is in front of you, it simply means there are better
paths elsewhere. Paths that are a hundred times better, a thousand
times better, a million times better!



P.S. So excited for you, Rhia.

Incidentally, today's homily was also about difficulties. According to
the priest, difficulties are encountered so that better things may
come. While difficulties may sometimes be caused by evil, to triumph
over this always results to a better you, a happier you and a holier

What does this all mean? I am confused...

Shall I do what I normally do? Stand by and watch things unravel?
They say, when You let the Lord do what He does best, You will be
surprised. Please do Your work dear Lord because I am not sure how
long I can withstand being like this... This is driving me nuts.

Let things start getting better.




I really can use a break from all this. *takes a whiff of happiness from bottle*

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