Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Big Spender

This is just the coolest thing ever! Posting has never been this
easy!!! *woohoo!* Now I am seriously lusting after that new iTouch but
I will wait. Maybe they will release something better... or I will
wait for prices to go down. Haven't really actively looked yet... I
can give my old one to my mom... Haha!!!

I spent a fortune while I was in New York! I cannot, cannot, I repeat
to myself and perhaps must do so in the next ten million years that I
cannot make a purchase again! *thwaps shopaholic self*

Don't think I walked the city streets with tons of bags... Okay
perhaps on some occasions I did but hmm... I also bought a really
small, paper bag that was Tiffany blue. To make matters worse... or
better depending on how you want to look at it, I think I am over my
silver craze. I wanted something gold. Something that really
appreciates in value over time. And then I figured, what could be
better than gold? Yup, diamonds! So to make this rather long
confession short... I got myself a diamond necklace! It still makes me
smile whenever it smiles at me as I open its really nice velvet box
encased inside the Tiffany blue carton box that is encased in its
paper bag *haha*! I have only worn the necklace three times. I am not
sure when my next Tiffany is going to come but I hope not very soon...

While in the US, I also came across a pair of Miu Miu's. Miu Miu is
Miuccia's nickname. Miuccia is the first name of Prada the designer.
The Miu Miu's were on sale like 90% off so I got them! : ) There was
just one pair and I thought to myself, if it will fit then we are
meant for each other. *sigh* And then... there was a pair of Cole Haan
Nike Air... and they were priced as much as Hush Puppies so I just had
to get them too...

Of course I got my share of H&M stuff, Aeropostale and Gap. I smuggled
fresh cherries! Lots and lots and only paid 7 USD for them. I am
charming like that. :) I did not even bring lots of chocolates
anymore... Hmm... I got gifts for people and more souvenirs from
different places so yeah, I am kinda broke *wahaha*! Broke but a
really, really happy gurl!

Oh and yeah, I also got a Kate Spade tote. It's a tote I have been
wanting for a while now and it was on sale. I tried not to buy it and
argue with my id but my friend just nudged me to buy and I was weak.
In hindsight, I am uber glad that I got it. *happiness* So now in my
collection I have a Coach, Kate Spade, Fendi, Burberry, Gucci and
Louis Vuitton. When oh when will I get a Chanel? :) *thwaps self*

The best splurge I think is the 130 USD ticket for Wicked. It was
worth every penny! *sigh* I really enjoyed watching it. I knew the
songs by heart but I was still moved. *sigh*

I will write a better story about my stay in NY and DC next time...
This is a bit out of whack *haha!*. I am taking a break from my
dissertation. My eyesight is blurring and my head hurts... I am just
resting. :)

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