Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have been to Boracay at least seven times. I know, I just cannot get enough of that island. :)

So from the seven times that I have been there, here are the tips that I think would let you get the most fun out of your moolah:

1. If you want a really great time with your friends try FlyFish because it is 100 times better than banana boat and not as painful. :) This has got to be the most fun water sport in Boracay that I have ever tried. Try to get as much discount as possible by haggling with the agents. The lowest I got this FlyFish activity for is 470Php.

2. Helmet diving is not that fun in my opinion because it is not so eventful but you ought to do this at least once even if for the cute pictures and video. The lowest I got this for is 450Php but if you are with more people, maybe you can get this as low as 350Php. I have not really tried to get it that low. :) Remember to equalize so you will not hurt yourself.

3. I got a lot of bruises last time I tried to learn how to skim board. I still cannot do it for the love of me but I think if I try it a second time I will be able to do this. I suggest you save this for last so if you get injured at least you are homebound already *hehe!*! My brother hurt his wrist before because of this so... be careful.

4. Wall climbing is relatively cheap at 50Php per climb. There are three walls at D'Mall with different levels of difficulty. I have climbed the easy and intermediate wall. I do not know if I will ever attempt to climb the difficult wall. :)

5. You can also try the basketball challenge at D'Mall. It is only 35Php for 40seconds. This is extremely addictive so bring lots of cash *hehe!*!

6. There are people who tried Zorb but I never really want to try this because I keep on wondering how many people sneezed, puked, coughed and breathed in that Zorb so... *hehe!*!

7. Swimming is really fun too and it is free! Water is cold even in the summer so it is very refreshing. When the wind is strong and there is rain, the water is warm so it's really great! The talcum sand is never hot so no need to wear flipflops while walking on the sand even under the glaring heat of the sun.

8. Building sand castles is very easy if you use Boracay's sand so if you have never made sand castle before, now is the time! : ) My friend decided to build a giant toilet bowl with poop in it. Another friend of mine made a naked woman. : ) It was really fun!

9. Bring your own frisbee so you need not buy at Boracay and play for free all you want! :) This is fun but can also get a bit challenging if the wind is strong.

10. One of the things that I enjoy doing at Boracay is running along the beach! This is free too! I do this very early in the morning so it is not too hot yet.

11. After doing all these activities, you'd want to eat too! I highly recommend Boracay's choriburger! :) This should be just 35php for Chorizzo on a stick and 40Php for Choriburger (in a bun). I like putting spicy sauce and vinegar on my chori! :)

12. A good drink to wash this down is the creamy shake at Jonah's. Try their mango milk shake at 95Php.

13. If you want to splurge you can try the Steakhouse along the beach. Damage is less than 500Php for a nice steak.

14. If you are craving for gourmet food, you can also try Lemon Cafe. Try their Mango (forgot the exact name) cake because this is also divine. Just try not to think about how much butter is in there... ;)

15. Bite Club offers an assortment of burgers and they have good burger too. Club Burger is less than 200Php and is a juicy 1/3 pound burger with one free topping of choice. You can also try the giant Bombarella which is half a pound stuffed with mozzarella cheese! :) Triple X burger is a one pounder! :)

16. There is a BBQ place near Bite Club that offers a good rib eye steak too at less than 300 Php so you can also try that. :)

17. If you are craving for Mexican food, Ole has interesting Mexican and Spanish food. *yummy*

18. If you are under a tight budget you must try the Lucban longganisa of Andok's. Really good!!! :)

For accommodations, if you want a nice play at a cheap price, I advise you book via Agoda.com. I always get good deals from this site. Last Saturday, we had to transfer to another hotel and hotels were so expensive so I booked via Agoda and got a big room for two people for only 58USD. An extra bed was only 800Php and this came with breakfast. I am talking about a Boracay Regency managed hotel so it was not shabby at all. :)

If you are on a tighter budget, you can get a hotel room for as low as 500Php and I am talking about a hotel room near the beach front. All you have to do is to ask around.

Of course when night falls, you can parteh at Station 1's Club Paraw or Gilly's or hang out at bars there or Station 2's Epic. I never liked hanging around Station 3. That place scares me at night. I do not like hanging around places with foreigners. Call me judgmental but I would rather stay out of the way.

If you want to visit the other beaches of the island, all you have to do is to take a tricycle and tell the driver. A ride costs 10Php per person.

If you have other questions at Boracay just leave a message and I will try to answer as best as I can. :)

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