Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Boracay was guhreat! I was the master of ceremonies for the conference and it was a nightmare the night before because the program was not finalized until the morning of the conference I think. Everything was just coming to me on the fly and I had to think on my toes the entire day. I was really stressed but things turned out really well. Added to the pressure were the two big enchiladas of Cisco who attended and gave their talks! *whew*

I do not mind being an emcee in fact I enjoy most parts of it but I just hope people would realize that it is not as easy as it looks. It is my face that gets humiliated if I do not get details right. Fortunately, things went well but maybe I will say no next year. Maybe. *haha!!!*

I intended to write more about my trip to Bora but I have a meeting in a while and I have not even taken a bath yet. *aargh!!!* I have been awake for hours but I was reading a bunch of papers so there... Plus, there was this really interesting episode about rings of planets on the History channel's The Universe.

Gravity. I think it's sexy. Okay... I must get moving because I am talking crazy already *haha!!!*.

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