Thursday, April 01, 2010


Muscles are way too sore to run because I walked from ehzeralee to Zutphen which is at least 14 km away one way from Almen walked for three hours only stopping once to buy water in Zutphen. Walked back again so I walked 28 Km!!! I was going to ridee a bike but the bikes were too big for me. My feet were dangling from the ground. Not just an inch from the ground but a good 6 inches!!! Yikes!
It was fun and scary at the same time. I got to observe what they do when everything else is closed on Sundays. There was no bus which prompted me to walk hehe!!! They just rest all day in preparation for the brand new week. They also visit their loved ones. Grandchildren visit their grandparents with their parents. I think I like that scheme. Also, it was nice to see more farm houses and the animals! People must have thought I was some freak taking the pictures of their animals haha! I do nkt think they get a lot of tourists.

It got scary when I was running out of daylight but the good Lord looked after me.

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