Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scraped Knee

It took me a while before I was able to access my blog. Has it been that long since I last posted? Nah... My memory is just failing me is all... and this is with Berocca!!! Yikes!

I just turned 30 and a lot of my friends have been warning me about the magic number 30. They say once you turn 30 you will feel your body age and you will start feeling funny... but mostly old. Hmm... Apart from the memory lapses that I have been having since I was 16, I do not feel at all old. I am more active than ever, joining in fun runs... I am thinking about moving up to 10K. I have just made my best time ever at 35 minutes. Five minutes short of my 30 minute goal but close enough. I have learned how to make myself run faster but unfortunately, in the process of trying it out, clumsy me tripped and fell and scraped my right knee. I have not been able to run for many days now and it upsets me that I have missed out on a lot of things like wall climbing. I was there but I was not able to try it out, instead I just took pictures of people. I know I was the saddest person there. :)

Just last weekend I had to also pass up on swimming. Me! Of all people! Passed up the chance to swim! Worse! With an inflatable shark. Since I was a kid, I have been wanting an inflatable killer whale. I remember asking my dad to buy me one and I remember him telling me I might drown because I was not a good swimmer yet. Heck, I think I did not know how to swim yet at the time. I was nine.

Last Sunday me and my college friends went to EK and I had to pass up on riding Log Jump. I did not mind though because I enjoyed taking their photos using my friend's D90. :) Also, they decided not to ride the Rio Grande *hehehe* so I did not miss out on that too. There is a new feature there called SRR or something like that. It's a haunted house and I had to be very careful with my knee. I think the haunted house was cool and I would like to go back again with other friends, this time with a healed knee. :) I also got to see one of my friends in the apostolate there who is the daughter of the owner. She is performing there on weekends, I was glad we got to talk again after a long time.

Now, I can swim 36 laps and tread and do other things in the water... I think it is about time I get an inflatable killer whale and I still do not have one. When one of my college friends found out, they decided to get one so that I may be able to live this childhood dream... And then the knee happened... *sigh*. I had a picture taken with the shark but everyone else got to ride it... boo... Everyone but me... How sad is that?!

Still, there were good things that happened last week like... I got to play bowling with friends and I think my game improved. I think I know more or less how to throw the ball now. :) Thanks to the patient coaching of my friends. I have to practice though so I can really improve. Also, last week, I played ping pong for the first time. I got teased a lot about my hand-eye coordination but in the end, I learned!!! I now know how to serve the ball and how to receive the ball and how the game play goes... Yahoo!!! I learn new things all the time!

I think my knee is healing nicely *relatively anyway* and I hope it will be fully okay by Friday because I am going to another outing. Hopefully, this time I can wall climb and I can Zorb and do other things! *woot!*

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