Thursday, April 01, 2010

Almen to That

Here is something I wrote at a restaurant while in Almen:

I ran more than 10 km today in the countryside of Gelderland and that is without walking! i felt like Manny Pacquiao except I do not have a dog named Pacman running alongside me... heck, I do not have a dog period and instead of running to the tune of Eye of the Tiger I ran to the tune of my most fave musicals like Les Mis, Phantom, Rent, Wicked, My Fair Lady, Beauty and the Beast etc... The nice landscape, picturesque houses and fancy (at least to me) animals served as the perfect background to the music. I got to go to two towns today. I am now at a restaurant 2 km away from my hotel. There is not other restaurant nearby and the hotel is charging 28 Euros for the buffet. Haha... No thanks. Not pigging out (yet) and not willing to spend that much. They will be feeding me that meal for the next few days I am there for the seminar so no thanks. Tomorrow, I am going to the nearby historic town of Zutphen just outside of Almen. Maybe I will ride a bike. I was going to rent one today but decided against it. I wanted to run and so when it stopped raining, I ran.

I ran like Forrest Gump did. I did nkt want to stop running except it was getting too dark already and I had to get some dinner. I ran to the restaurant. Many drivers who drove by gave me the thumbs up sign. :)

I just finished dinner. A glass (they served it in a glass) buillon or soup and a pile of yummy but cold ( I thinknthey really serve this cold) roast beef. I was soooh juicy! After eating nithing but sausages in Amsterdam, I embrace the succulent roastbeef. Thank you cow, you were very yummy, please donjot visit me in my sleep. I saw impprted cows today the white with black spots ( or... or... is it black with white spots?). i also saw the small horses and sheep and the only thinf missing was Babe the pig and there could have been a movie. No. I Am not Babe. I am naaaht a peeeg!

In the menu it said light linch but it is anything but light. The lady said I will be given a small piece of bread. No. It was huge it is half a French bread overflowing with butter. I scraped the butter out, it looks like there are five sticks there. There was also salad and karanamelk which I think, this is after downing the entire glass, is yoghurt. Not bad really. I had a wonderful dinner, thank you Lord.

Please help me get back to the hotel safely. i am nit sure if I can still run since I am full. I will try to walk briskly instead. :)

Update: I ran all the way!!! *woot!* Now time for bed.

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