Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hakuna Matata

I do not know why I logged in today. I do not feel like retelling what has been happening to me though... too lazy. I guess I will just share what I learned while I was doing the zipline activity in Chiang Mai. The guide said, If you worry about how far down you can fall you will not enjoy. Everyone has to come down eventually so why worry. I think the same can be said about life. If we worry too much how much we can lose or how badly we can fail, we can end up not enjoying or living life to the fullest.

I guess that morning I learned more than how to zip line. :)

Got to run again last night with friends. The air was cool so it was really great. I hope to be able to run more in the future. Just found out MIzuno has a shirt that has a pocket especially for the iPod Touch!!! *woot!* Gotta get one of those! Maybe two... We'll see... Oh and yeah, I finally got myself an Oakley for running! *woot!* Speaking of acquisition, my long time crush is now mine! My dad gave me an LV Insolite for my birthday. Not the color that I was crushing on because Rubis is an old color, he got me the latest color of Insolite Orange! Love it still... it's like part Hermes part LV now hehe because of the color Orange. I lahveeht!!!


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