Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From the Netherworld

I know I said I will be posting about Shmango but I do not feel like talking about something that has happened almost a month ago. I do not feel like talking right now actually. I am too sleepy but am too lazy to take my contacts out. I am such a sloth. I guess I am a bit tired. I just got back from the Netherlands yesterday and I have not gotten any proper rest yet. Still, I had a wonderful trip and I thank the Lord for keeping me safe and for guiding my way during the trip. I spent two nights in Amsterdam and then moved on to Almen, Gelderland which is twenty minutes from Zutphen which is twenty minutes from Apeldoorn which is an hour and a half from Amsterdam. It was a rather complicated train trip and in fact, going to Almen I even got lost because though I boarded the train from the correct platform I somehow managed to still ride the train that is going to a wrong direction but the Netherlands is small and so I only got delayed by an hour. I was not in a rush though so I was okay.

It was just the Ehzerworld Langoed Hotel and farms and fields around it. Nonetheless, being the restless person that I was, I decided to just run. I brought my jogging pants and running shoes because I really planned on doing this there. I wanted to practice for an upcoming bout with a friend of mine. It was still rather cold but I wore my Nike sports jacket and yes, it has rightly earned the title sports jacket because for the first time in the two years that I have owned it, it was used for something sporty. I ran more than ten kilometers (nonstop!) and I felt like I can run more! It was probably because of the nice cool weather. When I wanted to go to a restaurant, I ran. When I want to buy water I ran to the nearest grocery store (14 KM roundtrip!). I even walked for 28 kilometers going to Zutphen because there was no bus on a Sunday. I had fun!

I was able to see sheep and lots of cute ponies and horses. I found out that fresh air smells like cow dung and I found out I can outperform my 5Km no walking record. It was during that solitary experience that I was able to think about everything that is going on in my life. It gave me a nice venue for introspection and retrospection. I was able to pray and I was able to reflect. I felt so free just running with the cold wind slapping me in the face. I was flushed after running but I always like what I see in the mirror after running or walking. I also love the sleep that comes after. :)

Life treated me well in the Netherlands and I think or at least I would like to think that while I was there I lived and ate and slept healthy. Now I am back to abusing my body. Tsk. Sleeping late and waking up late. I will try to sleep already so that I can keep up the healthy life style I picked up in the Netherlands.

I realize that I have not really talked about my Amsterdam visit but I am really too lazy right now. And sleepy.

Good night world!


I hope I will be able to finish the paper I am about to write. I only have a few days left. I must move. I must.

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