Monday, March 15, 2010

Pearl Farmazing Race

Last March 3 to 6 I was finally able to go to Davao!!! I was supposed to go some years ago but my mom did not allow me due to the abductions happening there. There us still that fear but because I went because of a conference my mom had to let me go. That and I just turned 30. More on that later though! :)

On my first day I got there at 745 in the morning! I barely slept the night before, it was great that someone woke me up! Thank you!!! Whew!

I just went into my hotel room at Marco Polo, applied n-layers of sunblock and off to Pearl Farm I went. When I got to Pearl Farm wharf I learned that you had get there by 8 in the morning or you have to take the one pm boat and then leave by 4 pm. My friend after learning there is a buffet lunch inclusive of the 1550 Php charge was de ided to go that morning so we asked for another way to get there. The receptionist said we can take the ferry for 13 php and then the "motor" to the Pearl Farm. We first had to take a cab to the Sasa Wharf. We thought, okay that sounds doable. We paid for our entrance fees and we were off to the other wharf.

We had to walk a bit to get to the Sasa Wharf. For a while I thought we were lost already because we had to pass by a lot of alleys and a little market but alas we saw the wharf. It helped that my friend knew how to speak the Visayan language.

The water was amazingly clear, I coukd even see the schools of fishes swimming by and this is a wharf!!! I was super excited to see Pearl Farm!

It was a rather quick ride. After the ride I saw the "sky lab" which are tricycles. We asked where the "motor" was. Up to this moment I thought they were talking about a motor boat as in my experience in Phuket. No. They. Were. Not. They meant a motorcycle! I almost backed out if it were not for the fee we already paid! So off to the craziest motorcycle ride I went! We went up and down the winding rough road of the mountainous island we went! After 30 minutes of motorcycle adventure we saw the majestic sea and of course the famous Pearl Farm. Whew!!! We paid the driver 150 php each and then we went inside Pearl Farm.

We were given welcome drinks and then we ate at the lunch buffet by the infinity pool. The food was grwat but i did not want to overeat so I just chose the food I liked. After, I slathered on even more sunblock and then we headed to the other island to swim. The water was soh clean I eanted to swim to the other island!!! The sand was also white and fine but unlike Boracay sand, the sand was hot. I had to tiptoe while shrieking in pain. The sand was littere with dead corals which made it harder to get to the deeper part of the water. The water was very salty it hurt my lips but because I love to swim in the sea, I did not care. I touched a star fish for the first time! There was a diving board but I was way too chicken to jump. I was afraid the fall might dislodge my goggles and water might get into my contacts.

Better get a lasik first. :)

By the end of the day my friend and I have gone to all the beaches and pools that are there. On the way ho e we were able tk catch a ferry going back to the Pearl Farm Wharf. There was limited bathroom and super limited time so I just changed into my dry clothes withiut taking a bath. I know, I am gross like that. :) Whew! I was soh tired I fell asleep i the ferry and my friend had to wake up because I kept on leaning towards the Korean guy! How embarassing! But you see, I was too tired to care.

When we got back to the hotel most of the participants minus the students were already there so we were asked to take a quick bath and to prepare for dinner. I had to move quick because normally it takes me aound an hour to bathe but I only had 30 minutes!

Made it on time with time to spare and luckily too because The dinner that was to come was amazing! With us was a Vietnamese professor working on the same field we are.

More on the dinner next time. I have to get to work like everyone else. :)

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