Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spa Virgin

My boyfriend picked me up from Cagayan de Oro! :) I was so tired but I think we went to the Mall of Asia first before going home. We grabbed some food to eat and strolled for a while and then we went home.

The following day, my boyfriend said he wanted to surprise me. I was so eager to know what his surprise was. He asked me to close my eyes. Being the impatient one, I kept on asking him where we were going and he told me he was taking me to a place nice and quiet. He was taking me to a place where I can relax. When he finally let me open my eyes, I saw the big sign... The Spa!

I was soh thrilled because I have never been to a spa before! I did not want to look like an idiot so I was determine to watch other people first before I did anything hehe... There weren't so many people so I was not that conscious and I found myself becoming more and more comfortable in my skin. Yeah... I was butt naked! Sorry to the visual people!

I thought I would suffocate in the sauna but after a while it began to feel really great. I can't wait to be in another sauna soon! There was a jacuzzi too... I was like a female Mr. Bean! I wanted to go for a dip but I did not want to take my towel off! Haha! It was hilarious! I was wrapped in my towel and when my body was submerged already, that was the only time I let go of my towel. Note, I did not want to wet the towel too and the Jacuzzi is in the wet area. It's not called wet area for nothing! There was flowing water even outside the Jacuzzi! And then another girl entered the room. I could not get out of the water and I was wishing so hard she would not go for a dip in the Jacuzzi! Whew! She decided to sit, Indian manner (naked) in the sauna! I wanted to transfer to the sauna but I did not want to see her! After a while she walked out and that was the time I got out of the pool and transferred to the sauna!

I felt so relaxed after the cold and hot bath. I had some ginger tea at their waiting lounge and after a few minutes I was called to the massage room.

The massage was pretty rough for my boyfriend and me! I wanted the massage to be more gentle but they were bent on hurting me! Hehe!

After the massage, I felt pretty! Loved my skin more!

Thanks baby for the wonderful treat!

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