Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cagayan de Oro

Continuing about my travels...

My boyfriend picked me up from Terminal 1 the night I got back from Bangkok. While the people I was with were looking forward to resting during the weekend, I had another flight to look forward to in a few hours. I got into my boyfriend's car at around 8pm and I will have to board another plane at 5am the following day. I was going to Cagayan de Oro the following day. My boyfriend who lives in the South cannot come that early from his house but he wanted to make sure I can safely get to the airport so he decided to spend the night in his office.

Before he decided to spend the night in the officel, we decided we wanted to spend more time together and besides, I was not feeling so tired yet, we went to the Mall of Asia. I missed Razon's Palabok and Halo-halo so we had some. After eating, I was already feeling the fatigue and I had to attend to my stuff because I have not packed yet.

I went home and my boyfriend went to his office. A mere three hours later, my phone was vibrating already. I had to force myself out of bed and take a bath. The deliberation of whether I should get up or not was long and arduous, eventually I was able to convince myself that getting wet in the shower that early in the morning will not kill me. Because it took me forever to decide whether to get up or not, my boyfriend waited for a long time for me to go down.

I was in no hurry because I was thinking since my flight was domestic anyway it would probably not take a long time to get to the plane. I mean, no more immigration line and so on... (Yes, this was my first domestic flight and I was alone!) Boy, was I wrong! I almost was late! It's a good thing my boyfriend knew I had to hurry up! True enough I was one of the last few people who was able to check in. A man who got to the counter a few minutes later was refused to check in.

I took the Cebu Pacific plane, I was toally scared because I have never taken Cebu Pacific before and I have heard of crashes. Across my seat was Giselle Sanchez, but I left my camera phone so I was not able to take her picture. As I was disembarking from the plane, I also realized Blakdyak was behind me.

When I got to the airport, I immediately was able to spot the van of Ridgeview Chalet. I was asked to bring a swimsuit because according to the other Cisco people, the pool was nice. It was my first time in Cagayan de Oro and I assumed that since there was a nice pool the weather is probably warm. NOT! It was Baguio kind of cold since it was morning. Nonetheless, it was cold and all the clothes with me were summer clothes!

Fortunately, for the actual Instructor's Summit, I had with me a pair of jeans and my vendor shirt. Whew! I was soh tired that after facilitating a group and assisting in registration, I was found out cold! I am not usually someone who will fall asleep in a public place but I was so exhausted because immediately after I got to Cagayan de Oro we were on our way to the Polytechnic University there.

At around 3pm, we headed back to our cottage and decided to rest a bit and swim. Ha! My roommate and I just slept through the entire afternoon! The guys woke us up at around 7pm and at this time I was still very groggy I actually thought it was already morning. I thought they were just asking me to have breakfast! I did not even get to change clothes! I went out wearing my Havaianas, vendor shirt and pants. The same things I was wearing in Baguio just a few weeks back, well save for the Havaianas!

Before I knew it we were on our way to Big Bys (I don't know if I got the spelling right). The steak was great though I have to say I would still pick Tagaytay Highlands Steak any time! The price difference is very big though so Big Bys would still win in terms of economy. After eating, we met up with another guy. He was one of the officers. He had with him 1G USB drives that he sold for 700Php! Cheap huh? I was waiting so long for a cheap flash drive! I bought one even though those units were not for us to buy. Almost all of us ended up buying.

He took us to a bar, where to our distress, played ballad songs! I was in the mood to dance the night away! I don't drink nor smoke but I loved dancing and this is the only reason I go to bars! A few hours later, they started playing upbeat songs and I got to dance finally!

We went home at around 2am but some of the boys still stayed on to party their kind of party. Eww!

The following morning, I had breakfast and swam. Not my usual number of laps though becauuse the pool was just 25 m., maybe less.... It had a slide but I did not attempt because I hate it when my butt hits the pool so hard, it brings back the spanking memories!

After swimming, I took a bath and packed my stuff... Not so much to pack this time because we did not get to go to pasalubong hubs. We ended up buying goodies like cashew nuts, peanut kisses, and more peanuts from the airport. Our flight was delayed. The Cebu Pacific girl announced that the flight we were suppose to take during boarding time that the plane is still in Manila! Whoah! It was because according to them the runway was under repair. We had breakfast at a nearby restaurant and looked at more pasalubongs.

My regret during this trip was that I was not able to make the most out of my stay. I was not able to go white water rafting and go for an underwater cave dive. Maybe next time...

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