Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Four Nights in Bangkok

The following weekend after Lipa, I was packing my bag again for another getaway. Last December I applied to go to ENGAGE Thailand. It's a conference with European people and I thought it would be a great opportunity. I was still in a different high due to the fellowship awarded to me and at that time I felt I can do anything.

I applied and luckily, I got in!

So that Sunday, my mom took me to the airport and I suddenly remembered that I left my Ipod and my camera at home. My mom decided it was still early and so we decided to go back. After my mom gassed up, we decided I can live without my Ipod. I later on found out that my camera was already in my bag. I was so in a hurry in packing my things that I did not realize that I have actually packed my camera.

It has been 12 years since I was last in Bangkok and though I really never liked Bangkok a lot because of its humid air and boring temples, I was excited because this trip is free and I love going to conferences and meeting people who are into grid computing and other research areas!

I was thrilled to find out that when we got the airport, we were picked up by a chauffeured, red Mercedes-Benz! A few minutes later we were already at the Conrad Hotel. The lobby was pretty simple but the hallways and the room was fantastic!

The bathroom is my favorite because apart from it having aroma oils plus a bathtub and a separate shower and a yellow elephant ducky, the toiletries smelled great! The bath robes were so soft and soh comfy! The walls were all glass and it just had a curtain that can be drawn open and close by an electronic switch! Haha! At first it was cool but after a while it got kind of annoying since I would always mistake it for a light switch. There was even one time I did not realize the curtain was drawn open because the maid just made our room up!

The beds were pretty with a bolster with silk as its pillowcase, on top of it rested a silk Elephant stuffed toy. Now how cute is that? Everyday a fresh bowl of fruits is left in the room.

By far, Conrad Hotel is the most beautiful hotel I have stayed in yet.

During the first day I was able to go to Central where I was able to buy a Wacoal on sale! Was soh happy with my find! After which we took the train to go to MBK! It's similar to the Greenhills Shopping Center. I was able to buy preserved mangoes that tasted soh soh yummy!!! I loved them! So much so I brought home a kilo and 6 kilos of sampaloc which later on turned out to be not sampaloc haha... How careless of me!!!

After MBK, we went to Suan Lom, the night market to hang out a bit and to look at the night bazaar. I could not shop much because I only had with me limited cash.

The following day, we went to MBK again and this time I asked how much a Shiseido sunblock and I found out it was soh much cheaper there. I decided to buy enough so I can get the free suitcase. I needed a place so store all the 7 Kg worth of preserved fruits!

I had to carry all 7Kg back to the hotel, it was the most exhausting thing I had to do in Thailand! I had to drag the suitcase with all the preserved fruits aggghh!

We were in time for the opening ceremonies of ENGAGE and the cocktails. I had fun because I met a lot of people. I was intimidated at first because we had to talk to Europeans who appeared snobbish at first but I found out later on that they were actually very friendly! I ended up meeting a lot of them!

On the second day, I enjoyed meeting more people and getting to know the researches of the people in Europe and other parts in Asia. After the cocktails, we ended up going to Suan Lom again because it's just a good 15 minute walk from the hotel. This was after we had coffee, hot chocolate for me.

On the third day there were more talks but in the afternoon I got to go mall hopping! I walked and walked from one mall to another. :) After the malling, we got back in time for dinner where I got to sit with Europeans and the organizer. It was fun but it took a really long time. After dinner we headed for Pat Pong and I finally got to see the sexy girls. I did not enter though because for one it would have been expensive and two, they say it's really gross. Maybe I'll go with my husband there someday. :) They say some of the naked girls are gays!

On the fourth day there were less talks and more networking (or was that just for me?) I got to meet a French guy who I am now collaborating with to produce a proposal. The proposal is already done and I am really hoping that it will work out! :) I would love to stay in France! :) There was no free dinner on the fourth day so we went to Suan Lom to eat at the food court and scoured the night bazaar more meticulously this time!

As you can guess, I have gained so much weight after Thailand because of all the buffet breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner a few more and I could have turned into a hobbit! :)

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