Sunday, January 06, 2013

Day 6

I was able to hear an early mass with my mom - early means 9am haha! After which, my mom and I went to McDonald's, we both miss eating after hearing mass, I call this the Simbang Gabi hangover. I saw one of my past students there with another girl. This student of mine impregnated one of my students. She had to go to school with her big tummy. She had to withstand the stares and glares but she pulled through. I saw her baby once and the baby is so pretty. I saw both students together at Bubba Gump's once. After that, I heard the guy was with somebody else already. Today, I saw him with another pretty girl.

I felt bad. I hope my student and her daughter are both doing well.

I designed my table today. I was hoping to program some more. Okay fine. I will try running the database along with my classifier for tonight before I sleep. 


Oh and yeah, went to the gym today and did Body Combat, Body Jam and HipHop. I think I am getting the hang of HipHop. :) 

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