Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend at a Glance


My little friend really came last Friday and I had a blast with her.
Parting was again bittersweet. She gives the sweetest hugs. I am
hooked for life. :)

We had yoghurt and then we went to my cubicle to have more fun and to
play with my colleagues. She is such a charmer! I hope to see her
again very, very soon!!! I am missing her terribly.


I went up to Tagaytay and ate buffet at Bag of Beans, went to
Paradizoo (which was too expensive 299Php for entrance fee) and ate at
Nanay Dorie's in one of their bahay kubos! :)

We just slept for half a day hahaha!!! Soh lazy!!!

Paradizoo offers a camp site, this is interesting and also affordable
at 500 Php per night per person, entrance fee included.


A friend of mine got married. It was the most sincere, sweetest, most
personal wedding I have ever witnessed. I was their emcee as well, it
was exhausting but it went well I think. I had a blast. :)


Another little friend of mine has been asking her aunt for a letter
from me. Soh cute!!! She remembers me! :) I gave her aunt a letter and
a picture of us together. :) I even drew her a butterfly and some
hearts because she likes that. I hope to see her soon as well!

I miss her too.

This afternoon, I got to hang out with a sweet little boy of five
years. :) He was looking for me earlier today and when he saw me he
said, "You're here!!!". So sweet!!! :) He stayed at my cubicle for
most of the time that he was there.

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