Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Night Cap

I was about to go to bed when I realized there is something that I
would like to remember.

The homily of Fr. Vester, the priest who officiated my friend's
wedding was really good. He started off by saying that the creatures
made by God are happiest when they do what they are supposed to do.
Birds are happiest when they fly because they were created to fly.
People were made to love, hence, they are happiest when they love. He
then quoted Corinthians, the part where it says no matter what you do,
no matter how good you were, it does not matter if you have not loved.

He said, you know if you have loved if you sacrifice for the one you
love. If you have not sacrificed for the person then you have not
loved that person. Secondly, you should will the good of the other
person. It must be the other person's welfare first before your own.
Thirdly, you should be best friends. He said, you know your marriage
is on the rocks when you are no longer friends.

His final advice is that you should not love the other person because
he or she is your spouse, rather, love the person as your best friend
because that lasts forever.

His homily made me want to cry.

He did succeed in making me want to cry before the program at the reception.

He asked me if I was married before. I told him it's complicated. I am
processing some stuff at the tribunal and I knew he understood right

He said, maybe it was never God's will for you to marry. Remember, he
said, at the end of the day, the most important is you. He wants you
to be happy. If the Lord has to change His plans for you, let him.

Thank You dear Lord because through him, I felt You.

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