Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kid Trip

The last few days have been a blast. I was in Laguna and Tagaytay last
Saturday with friends. I was able to hang out with two very cute kids!
The highlight of my trip though was seeing my most favorite kid in the
whole world! It was just pure coincidence that her family was at Bag
of Beans as well. We were going to have hot choco when I saw her mom
(a colleague of mine). I did not say hi right away because I did not
want to disturb her date with her husband if she was there with only
her husband (another colleague and a panelist). When I panned towards
the other side of the restaurant I saw my little friend wave. At this
point, I was just bubbling with excitement so hard to contain.

The night before I was already wishing I would bump into her at Paseo
because she lives in Sta. Rosa. Lo and behold, she was right there.
She gave me a tight hug and sang for me a song. She just turned 4 last
October but she is the coolest, smartest kid I know.

Before we parted she kissed me soh many times and hugged my waist and
then my thighs. She did not want us to part....

That kid is the sweetest!!!

I am missing her already.

The following day, I got to talk to two small little girls too... very
short chat but sweet nonetheless, thanks to my friend.


I just love being around kids. I should really get on with my
dissertation so that I can move towards my real dream. :)

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