Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pool of Surprises

I am sleeping in a bit as soon as I share my uncanny experience today at the swimming pool.

Oh yeah, have not told you that.

I have gone back. The prodigal swimmer is back. I am not back to my 3.6KM swim. Right now I am just doing 1KM, 500m Freestyle, 500m Breaststroke. I still hate breaststroke but I want to even out my muscles hehe... I clocked the time it takes me to change into my suit, swim 1KM, bathe and dress and step out of the locker room and it takes 1 hour. I guess I can spare that much time to swim given that it does make me feel guhreat! :)

I digress.

I was wearing my goggles and swimming cap and most of the time my head was buried underwater because I was swimming... At the end of the pool I tumble turned to swim back to the other end. In spite this, my student still recognized me. My students from way back 2009!!! The only girl in the group went into the locker room to see if it was me. When she found out that it was me, she called her guy friends and two boys went into the locker room to say hi!!! I had to scold them. Thankfully there was no one changing into their clothes in the locker room.

These kids are nice kids, not perverts mind you. They were the same sweet kids whose class gave me a cake and a harana during our last meeting.

It was just creepy that they recognized me in spite all that I was wearing and they followed me to the locker room! :)

So that's how it feels like to be followed. :)

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I remember watching this show on Discovery where they were tagging and following whales... not suggesting anything. I just remembered, s'all.