Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sand Castle

A week ago, I was able to build my first, very own sand castle! I was not able to immortalize my sand castle because I was too lazy to get the camera from the room but I really think it looks better in my head now. I loved how my Arabian Nights inspired castle looked against the dusk with the tranquil sea in the background.

I built a moat around my castle (I know Arabian castles do not have moats but leave me be... build your own castle!) and as the tide rose, water started filling in the moats. This was partly assisted much to my dismay. I watched how slowly the sand castle was eaten up by the waves, gracefully melting and rejoining the bigger magnificence of the beautiful creation that is the sea.

Like my sand castle, I wish to be beautiful as well, amidst the dusk and the tranquility of the ocean as I age. I want the waves to slowly lick me and then swallow me as I gracefully melt into oblivion. I would like to fade only because fading will make way for unrivaled art.

Who would have thought that a simple act of scooping dirt and shaping it into something could create so much meaning into something I have feared for so long?

Thank you for allowing me to experience getting my hands dirty so I could build something that I did not know I could. It was such an imperfect castle but it will always be, in my mind, perfect, as the moment when it was crafted.

Until the next sand castle.

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