Friday, February 04, 2011

Obsessions, Frustrations, Inspirations

I was so caught up with my newly-cut, temporarily straight-for-a-day hair that I forgot to mention how wonderful my Sunday went. It started out with a morning run, a nice, simple breakfast followed by a hefty, uber unhealthy lunch topped with yummy dessert, unplanned grocery trip, amazing company and bountiful laughter, raves and rants. I do not think I will tire of these things.

I opened my email today. I did not like what I saw. I have been praying for this but I did not get it. I wanted it to get comments on my work. But the thing is, I got the comments on my work. Nice comments actually, just not in the way that I wanted. I will try again though. There's bound to be another chance. *hopeful* My adviser is very encouraging and very supportive. I get most of my inspiration from her. We are blessed to have her in the laboratory. Really. :) Thank You Lord for her.

I have finally figured out the algorithm I have been trying to understand for days now. I found the dissertation where it came from and the dissertation explained it so well. Other papers were unable to explain properly.

I think I may have an algorithm already. It is not quite perfect yet but at least I am getting there. My RRL is not done yet and I have received a new paper that I have to look into. I hope to finish by next week. :) *crosses fingers*

I also want to try Bikram Yoga. I am obsessing... Really. I want to try yoga in a 38C temperature and sweat buckets! I have tried doing Tai Chi twice already in the past two weeks. I cannot say I thoroughly enjoy it but I think it is helping me be more patient. I will give it a try again next week. As for the Bikram obsession. I am really hoping I can squeeze it into my schedule. I was unable to run all week. Darn. I hope to run tomorrow. I have not been getting the right amount of sleep, perhaps yoga will help me sleep.

I hope to get myself into shape because I am going to be an emcee, a reader and a prayer leader for the wedding of the century! No, not the royal wedding but quite close! *haha!*

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