Monday, August 07, 2006


I saw Sukob with my boyfriend. I only wanted to spend time with him. Believe me, I'm not just trying to be conio when I tell you I did not have much interest in watching it. I was more excited to be with my baby who has been busy with work lately.

That was until after a few minutes into the film. After the first few minutes, the film had my full attention. It was like a rollercoaster ride and I should know because I have been on soh many rollercoasters! Dang it just kept on making me jump and shriek... I think I even waved my hands in the air out of sheer shock! My beau was probably blacking out already from all the screams I was belting out in his right ear.

It's a shocker film alright. I do not recommend the film to people with poor heart conditions... Really, the movie houses should have a warning sign outside. People with heart problems should not see the film.

It pretty much followed the formula of Feng Shui. The protagonist starts out as happy as can be and then she realizes she is cursed. The protagonist finds out that what she has and finds out about an antidote but then the antidote won't work. But wait... a few more popping-out-of-nowhere-watchamacallits, gory deaths and ugliest dead bodies later, the protagonist will realize there is a way to rid herself of the curse and just when you think everything is all better (of course all horror movies should have the "unexpected" ending) it's not.

When I put it that way, the movie seems formulaic... oh wait it is. It's almost not scary but add really good background music (which was really good by the way, well it's that or I am just jumpy), and Kris Aquino's skillful, mastered over the years since her Myrna Diones story, just the right pitch to make the hair on your back stand kind of shriek and it makes a frightening movie. Make sure you empty your bladder before watching this because you just might not be able to hold it in (No, I do not speak from experience.). It doesn't hurt to bring someone to hug too, it would be great if that someone smells good, has great biceps and oh so cuddly!

I enjoyed the film but I do not want to ever see it again. Ever.


Anonymous said...

"and Kris Aquino's skillful, mastered over the years since her Myrna Diones story"

Myrna Diones story??? hahaha natatandaan mo pa yan at alam mo pang 5 years ago!

I had no idea you were a kris aquino fan! hehe

cherie :-p

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Haha! How can I forget? I saw the trailer of that massacre movie and it has been haunting me since. Kris Aquino's horrid acting while being banged against the aircon has corrupted my fragile mind.

Oh... alright I'm a fan. Eww... Now I have to gargle.

Vienna said...

i am such a loser, i do not know who myrna diones is.

napanood ko rin yung sukob! di ako masyadong natakot, siguro dahil sanay na ako sa creepy music. in my opinion, most of the time, the movie relied on creepy music/sounds.

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Vienna, it's okay if you don't know Myrna Diones... maybe that explains why you were not as scared while watching.

I'm just jumpy.

Vienna said...

napa google tuloy ako kay myrna diones. he he. i like scary films. :)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Haha! Violent sobra yung story niya. I know this won't stop you. You have an unusual taste for movies. :D

I'll visit your blog soon!