Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In Summary

Within the past few days I have:

  • Gone to Subic and...:

    • Swam in open water with my boyfriend and his badminton friends

    • Stayed at a nice company house courtesy of my beau's badminton friend

    • Binged on Tostitos and salsa (This is my latest addiction)

    • Ate at an "Original" Razon's in Pampanga (We loved their puto and of course their specialty, palabok and halo-halo)

    • Saw The Eye all over again with screaming smashers

    • Sang 'til the wee hours in the morning

    • Sang some more the following day until we were ready to hit the road again

    • All in all I had a smashing good time with my boyfriend and his friends

  • Gone to a Wedding and...

    • Got to be a secondary sponsor

    • Suck all the breath in my body so I can fit in my tube top

    • Freaked out for fear of being late for the march

    • Was a total nervous wreck until my number

    • Sang with a live band

    • Had a great time after my number laughing my heart out

    • Rode with two co-faculty and my bf to Laguna and back

    • Sang, sang and sang some more

    • Went malling after we got back to Manila (at this rate we do not take vitamins yet)

  • Worked a whole lot and crammed even more...

    • Finished the Review of Related Lit of POS Taggers

    • Reported about a POS Tagger my partner and I like

    • Reported on Machine Translation

    • Finished the Review of Related Lit of Corpus Builders

  • Watched movies with my boyfriend and...

    • Saw United 93 with my bf and we both hated it (By far the most horrible film ever written). Especially if you have seen Loose Change

    • Saw The Lake House and loved it. I am going to read Persuasion by Janet Austen, it seems like a good read. I am also going to watch Il Mare (Is this how it should be spelled?) The Korean film where the movie is based because I loved it! Never mind that Keanu is gay or that Jessica Zafra says that Sandra Bullock has only two states in this film, perky and Prozac. I love how it highlights patience in love. True love should be patient. Darn. That is something I need to work on. I highly recommend this film. Not a heartbreaker. I was able to predict some parts but the ending was such a nice surprise.

    • Saw Failure to Launch with my beau and it was a cute and funny film as promised in the trailer. The plot was not as I expected it. I did not expect a Hitch-type of character there but it was all good.

    • Saw The Inside Man and loved it as well. Really good film. I was at the edge of my seat all the while.

    • Saw Superman Returns and loved the new Superman guy who happens to be kind of cute. I don't know why I kept on guessing if they changed something about Superman like did he evolve to something or are they going to change his weakness. It's like for a while I forgot that what I was watching is just really an adaptation from a comic book. The movie is still for kids and so most parts remain the same. That and a little twist in the end. Lex I think is not at all that bad in that film because he did not kill anyone, at least not directly. Maybe I have seen too many heartless villains.

    • Fell asleep while watching X-Men 3. Gee, I don't know why this always happens, I have nothing against them in fact, I love the X-Men cartoons... Maybe I just don't like how they were portrayed in the film or maybe I was just tired... yeah right!

    • Saw Da Vinci Code and enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed the page turner book

    • Enjoyed each and every film with my boyfriend. It feels nice to be able to watch a movie with my head resting on his strong shoulders. It's nice to have arms wrapped around me when it's cold, hands to hold when the film is crushing me inside and eyes to gaze at during mushy moments.

  • Threw a tantrum...

    • Stayed on the phone for hours

    • Argued endlessly with me beau

    • Realized how blessed I am to have an understanding and loving boyfriend

    • Admired my boyfriend's ability to understand my quirks and topaks

    • Woken up by my boyfriend who woke up extra early so we can see each other on a Sunday

    • Jogged around the oval of Rizal Stadium at 6 in the morning

    • Heard mass with my beau at 9 in the morning

    • Had breakfast at my fave breakfast place, Pancake House

    • Completely enjoyed my Sunday morning with the man I truly love! The man who chooses to understand me when it is easier to judge me.


mjgrace22 said...

hey, musta?

i'm glad you and vince worked it out :)

anyway, dami mo namang movies na pinanuod... i was able to watch most in your list and i also loved the lakehouse... i also vowed to read persuasion and watch the original movie but haven't had the time to do so yet...

mishu :)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Can't find the novel by Austen though. I'll try to check the lib.

Yup, glad we were able to work it out. I'm really lucky he's understanding. I don't want to think what coulg have happened if he weren't.

We both like watching movies, besides, it's a great way to pass the time. I just don't like the feeling of getting stuck in a lousy film. We got to see United 93 coz it was free. It came with free popcorn and drinks too at least I got to enjoy the snacks hehe... Miss you too girl. Hope we can catch up on each other soon. BTW, if you're still interested to join the Aikido dojo, you are most welcome. Let me know. :)

Haven't started on the tennis lessons too. Might not have time for it yet. :)

guile said...

united 93 was really hard to watch..