Friday, July 14, 2006

#0000 or #FFFF

I like Pirates of the Caribbean because it is so much like the real world. I extend my aplogies to purists out there but what I like about the film is that characters in it are not black or white. What is good or bad, who is good or bad are blurred in the film. One minute everybody is against a character, the next, everybody is on the side of the character in question.

In real life people who are self-righteous would like to label the right and the wrong, however, not everything can fall neatly under the right or wrong category. For the aforementioned reason, we have debates, lots of them useless debates that in the end resolves nothing. There are cases though where debates are unnecessary, thanks to a baseline called law. Sometimes though, I feel that the law is too harsh that it loses its meaning and purpose.

Jesus never said do the right thing, He asked us to do the loving thing. When wa always use the law to judge right from wrong, we can sometimes lose sight of what is loving and what is not, forgoing the welfare of the person in question.

In life we pass judgement on others, and others pass judgement on us. It's sad because people tend to be black or white when they do. We are more complex than black or white. We'd have a much broader spectrum if we had more compassion in our hearts.

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