Thursday, May 25, 2006

Boracay Bliss

Last month, my dream of going to Boracay came true! As if going there is not enough, I got to go there with my baby along with his former officemates. We went there on RORO. It was nothing short of an Amazing Race marathon.

My boyfriend and I started in Makati where we left at around 4 in the afternoon to meet up with his friends at Amkor in Sucat. We were supposed to meet them at 5pm. It was a good thing that my boyfriend was a good driver, he got us there with time to spare which we used accordingly to buy food as we did not have enough time to eat dinner. We all hopped into a van that then took us to the port of Mindoro.

From the port, we found ourselves racing for bunk beds! We spent two to three hours on the ship. While there, we climbed on the deck and marvelled at the vast sky speckled with stars. It was breathtaking... and freezing! Thank goodness my boyfriend was there to hug me tight and keep me warm.

Alas, the three hours were up and we had to race to the van that was described as yellow. To our surprise, it was not yellow at all... it's part of the Yellow Van the company! Thank goodness we found it in spite the misunderstanding.

The van ride to Kalatagan took longer. I fell asleep but I think it was around two to three hours. It was supposed to be bumpy but I was too tired and too sleepy to notice. When we got to Kalatagan, we all knew we were only one ship ride away from Katiklan! I was soh excited! This time though there were no bunk beds on the ship, so we spent the rest of the morning on the deck, under the velvet blanket encrusted with diamonds.

It did not take very long til I fell asleep. I woke up with people walking around looking out for the sunrise. We were only an hour away from Bora! I took some pictures of the people on the deck as you can see below. The journey was not that long actually but the thrill and excitement of getting to Bora made it longer than it is.

Finally we got to Katiklan where we purchased tickets for the boat ride going to Boracay. We had to pay for an Environment Fee for who knows what because according tot he local we were with, Bora was maintained by the local government and not by DOT. The lines to buy tickets for the boat ride were so long, but the local we were with, Dox was so nice he fell in line for all of us. He is so accommodating! As in. He is the best tour guide anyone could get for a tour of Boracay.

Finally our boat docked in Bora and you can just imagine my excitement the moment my toes touched the pure, white sand of Bora! It was heaven! I have never seen sand so pure in my entire life! I loved the sand so much I did not want to walk to the Roque's Place anymore. I wanted to stay there and just play with white, pure sand... Of course I could not just abandon them so I went.

Roque's Place was okay. It's near the beach front and it's new so the bathroom was very clean. Five people can fit in one room and I suppose the room is also affordable since that's where we stayed in accordance to the advice of Dox. His brother is a master diver there and has volunteered to make the necessary arrangments for us.

The food in Bora is okay but you must try the All-you-can-eat Mongolian Grill... I had fun there with my baby. The first night i was too tired to stay up but he second night we were there I think I stayed up til the wee hours in the morning. I was so wasted by the time we were leaving Bora due to lack of sleep.

I also got to try the Banana Boat with my boyfriend and his officemates! It was fun! Another must try!!! We also went island hopping and snorkeling... I did not enjoy this experience much so I won't recommend this. We were going to try out the Flying Fish but we already ran out of time.

There were so many stars their, like Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres, Jackie Castillejo, Alessandra de Rossi and the only one that mattered, Marc Nelson!!! My boyfriend forced me to have my picture taken with him. Thanks baby for your consent! ;D

While there, don't forget to try their local Halo-halo, and the Choriburger tha came highly recommended by a co-faculty. It only costs 40 Pesos, we almost paid 80 bucks for one, we thought it was 80 Pesos each. :D

After three days and two nights, it was once again time to go home. The trip home was not as long as the trip going there. I guess it's coz I'm not really in a hurry to get back to Manila.

I had fun! Not just because I have always wanted to go to Boracay but because I got to share this wonderful experience with friends and best of all... with my boyfriend whom I love dearly. Travelling with hime whether by boat, tricycle, car, is fun because I have his strong chest to lean on when I am sleepy and his hand to hold on to when I am afraid and his eyes to look into when I want to forget everything around me. I love you soh much baby! Thank you for bringing me to Boracay but most importantly, thank you for bringing me to a place more special than anything, your heart.

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mjgrace22 said...

Kainggit naman! I hope you posted your picture with Marc Nelson here para lalu akong mainggit. Me and my friends adore Marc Nelson hehe.

dRaMaQuEeN said...

hehe... I don't have a copy yet. Knowing my boyfriend, it's still in his compact flash hehe :D

I'll probably post it on Friendster for everyone to envy haha... :)

Trivia: I was holding seeds of Sinegwelas as I was munching away when we spotted him :D