Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Singled Out?

I am overly stressed right now. I feel like my head is bloated and is ready to explode anytime. I do not understand how I could be as stressed as this and it's my summer vacation. The term has not even begun yet.

Once again I am shunning things I must do. Fearing to get near them, thinking I can run away but to no avail. I have to face everything and know that if I do everything will come to pass. I do not know why my initial reaction to things is like this. Is it the same for other people? Or is it just me? I do not remember being like this in the past. When did I start being like this... The earliest that I can remember is my masteral thesis.


I cannot evade the inevitable.

Must get back to work.


I have a lot of beautiful events in my life to write about but right now, I am in no condition to do so. My mood will just taint the memories I have. So 'til next time when things are better for me, I will write again. For now, I have to get back to work.

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