Friday, March 23, 2012


March all in all has been so eventful.

I have been blessed to see how compassionate Jesus can be up close
some weeks ago. I am so grateful. I hope that this chapter may end
soon so that I may be able to start writing a brand new one.

I bought siomai from 7-11 and it had mold already. I am really not
good at tasting mold. It was good that I shared the food with a friend
and so I only got to eat one piece. This caused me to be sick for one
whole week!

I celebrated the day before my birthday with friends at Red Box and
then at Shakey's. It was fun!

I celebrated my birthday on the day. *big grin* I realized that while
people give gifts, the best gift is still the gift of time.

The sisters of MACE gave me gifts and even celebrated on my behalf. I
was unable to come because of a surgery I had to undergo.

I had my right breast excision which was scary. Glad to say that the
cyst was found to be benign. I am still recovering because I never
really got to rest. The day after the surgery I was already up and
about going to defenses. *ouch it's hurting as I type* This experience
however, made me see the people who really cared. Thank You for
surrounding me with people who care.

I am to emcee three times this month.

I am a bit exhausted already. If all the above mentioned is not
enough, I am also to have my dissertation proposal defense on March

This month is packed!

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