Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cerebral Hemorrhage

Was what I had yesterday. My defense lasted for four and a half hours!
It was excruciating! I had fun at first and then after three hours of
rapid fire questions, I felt myself wanting to gather my things and
say, "Thank you, but I think I have changed my mind. Thanks for your

And so it begins, this journey called the dissertation. Yes, that was
just the beginning.

Before I braved the storm, I had a little angel visitor and got to
play with her for a bit. She hugged me and gave me the sweetest smile!
I hope she visits again soon. I wish I could keep her *hehehe!*! I was
able to buy some fun time because another angel, a slightly bigger one
took care of the other logistics like carrying a giant pizza box and a
couple of hot wings boxes and three bottles of mineral water.
Seriously, I appreciated it. Beyond, beyond measure.

Also, it was nice to have people waiting after I was asked to step out
for the panel's deliberation. It felt nice to exhale.

Thank You dear Lord for a wonderful night cap last night after a
horrendous defense. :) Thank You for giving me the answers. Thank You
for helping me explain myself.

Thank You.

Please bless my work and the road that will lead me to its completion.

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