Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tagaytay Weekend Blast

Tagaytay has always been a romantic place but it has not been as beautiful as it was this weekend.

We left Manila at half past six in the evening and made our way to Las Pinas so he can pack. We had dinner there. Manang graciously offered us dinner. After dinner... it took him an hour to get his stuff packed after which we hailed a tricycle, our first ride together... it was cozy in the tricycle hehe :) another kilig moment for me! I find the kilig moments in the weirdest of places!

We alighted at Cecile's BF and waited for the rest of the people at Grazelle's. *** was going to drive the van of a female badminton friend. There was another Vitara and a Honda car. We all went up to Tagaytay all excited about the weekend! His friends were all nice to me in fact, there was never a moment that I felt out of place. Every moment was just pure, sheer fun! They were all very accommodating!

The moment we got there, somebody already set up the Magic Sing and we sang the 'til three a.m.! We had to wake up at five in the morning but I ended up waking up at six in the morning. The water was not that cold since am used to taking a shower without heater. In a few moments and a breakfast later, we were all crammed in one van and were on our way to Taal!!! It was such a fun ride because we were all in the van and all excited to go see the crater!

We met a manong along the way who charged us 3,500 for the boat going to the island. I think he also charged 600 for the tour. We all had a grand time going to the island. We were taking pictures here and there... Super trip!!!

When we got to the island, it was a typical province, the smell of horses and pigs and their manure were in the air. A horse going to the crater costs 600 which was too much if you ask us so we all agreed to just walk. And what a fun, tiring walk it was. It was a 4km hike to the crater and another 4km hike going down. It was hard because there were horse poops everywhere plus there were some horses that you had to dodge on the way up. We were actually lucky because there weren't so much horse traffic on our way up because as we were going down, more and more horses were going up because the Korean tourists were on their way up.

If you are planning to go there, I suggest you hike so you can appreciate the view more and you can even touch the craters too! Plus you get to bond with your friends more. Just don't forget to put on sunblock, wear hiking shoes or sandals, wear comfortable shoes and bring water! Don't forget a fully charged digital camera because the view going up is breathtaking! The view from the top is remarkable! Really! Every step was definitely worth the view!!! Of course it helped that my baby was with me and our first kiss on the mountain top definitely topped the highlights of the weekend!

Our tour guide was rather enthusiastic and even brought us to a cliff... He was overly enthusiastic that I later on found the love of my life, my soulmate, the one that I have waited for years and years before I met at the edge of the cliff. My stomach churned and flipped and somersaulted... I realized then and there that if something happens to him, I literally would not know what I would do. There is nobody who can ever take his place in my heart. He is precious and I don't think he knows that. At that moment I just had to clench my fist and pray that he will be kept safe. Thank you Lord for looking after him.

A few minutes later, we found ourselves in the boat again filthy as we could be! :)

We went back to Tagaytay and had lunch at Leslie's where his two female friends gave their birthday blowout. Yum!!! After lunch, we went back to the house and got our badminton, tennis, and swim gear. Yup, all those activities during that same day at Tagaytay Royale! My baby and I got to swim together for the first time in the pool!!!

I had fun with his friends in the pool too!

After swimming, we had dinner at Bag of Beans and then after which we all had some drinks at Starbucks where we had another chat.

After that, it was time for bed again and then in the morning we found our way back to LP.

You'd think the day ends there huh?

Not yet. Not with my Energizer hunny!!!

We heard mass in Makati and saw Harry Potter. Yup I did. I saw Harry Potter with him. It was not as horrible as I thought it would be but some parts were rather dragging... We had dinner before Harry Potter and then had some ice cream after the movie... A full weekend it was for me!!!

Thanks baby!!!

Thanks mom for letting me go!

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