Monday, January 03, 2005

My Christmas Vacation

I had a typical Christmas break. Yup, you said it (or maybe not but anyway to continue...) an escape from reality a.k.a. my thesis. I did anything but "it". I was successful evading it while awake but when fast asleep it just catches up with me and I always wake up out of breath and my heart racing. I have given it a lot of thought and I realized that it is high time I get down and dirty with it. I did propose it did I not? Well, technically yes but if you really look at it, it's a synthesis of other people's ideas and well... I am not really that into it yet. Hopefully, I can get into it and when I get the momentum I will not lose it over some other activities. Goodness! Where has my discipline gone? Maybe I never had it but in my memory I am very sure I used to have it.

I was reading my diary during the long vacation and maybe I will share some of my entries from way back. They are really funny and some entries sound surprisingly mature. What I mean to say, that the entries are insightful. These days you can't use the word mature without suggesting something beyond wholesome. It was nice to get reacquainted with the naive girl I used to be. Okay, I am still naive but a lot less.

I got into reading Harlequin romance stories too. I know it's cheesy but I have had that book forever and I have not read it. The stories weren't that bad. It's like watching B-movies on cable when there is nothing else you would rather do. I also read My First Romance, it's a compilation of love stories of those who write love stories. Most of them were really sappy and were written years before but admittedly I sighed several times, and stared in empty space several times. I do not own that book. I just borrowed it from a friend and I never had the chance to read it until then.

Most of my vacation was really wiled away on The Sims 2. My little sister got me hooked. Of course I need someone to blame hehe... I did not know I will learn so much from playing the game. There are several things that I learned from the game.

1. Living life alone can be lonely and empty.

For years I have contemplated on living my life alone. No child and no spouse. I thought , so long as I work hard to earn my keep in this world I will be fine but there is more to life than waking up in the morning and going to work. There is more to life than filling up an emptly tummy or resting a tired body or learning new things. It's a mystery why people find so much joy in things that will further complicate their lives like having relationships and having children.

2. A relationship should respect the growth of each other.

A couple can so easily be blinded by their feelings for one another. It is tempting to just sit around wrapped around each other's arms that all the rest of the world does not seem to matter anymore. From my Sim's experience, this resulted to low aspirations and definitely a bad mood due to unmet necessities.

3. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

You have to know what you need and need badly. You have to know what you want so you can get it.

Whoever said games are a waste of time? :) I guess I did not waste my vacation after all.


Cherie said...

Happy Happy Happy Day! Finally some new entries :-)

Looking forward to more propesora =) take care

- she - said...

wow! i haven't been here in a while. glad to see there are some new entries, even if they're more than a month old now. hehe.. keep on writing girl! :)