Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bike to the Future

So I got my new bike and got to take it out for a spin last Sunday. It took me back to my yesteryears. I love the feel of the wind against my cheeks. I hated of course that there were so many cars but it was great. Looking forward to riding again soon! Okay, my behind was  sore after riding. I do not remember getting my behind soh sore before but then my bike was so much nicer then. Then again, maybe it's also because I am so much heavier now... Then again we must take the good with the bad. 

BTW, I started doing Muay Thai this week. My knee is of a deep purple shade, my elbow is leaning towards the maroon band of the spectrum and my shin well, it has bruises scattered around the area too. I also got a bit of hand tremors straight after practice but it's beginning to go away. Notwithstanding all that has been said, it was fun! My Adidas gloves are pink too so that kind of helps hahaha!!!

Oh and the term is about to end. 

Thank goodness for that too! 

Today was as exhausting as ever! I just cannot wait for the break!

Lord, carry me to the end of the term please. 

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