Monday, April 11, 2011

Venti Venting

I ought to sleep already as it is almost three in the morning but I need to do this to calm my nerves. I need to exercise! I have not run in ages! Agh! I just find my self lacking in sleep every night so I could not deprive myself of the sleep late in the morning. I have noticed vast improvement on my skin and vast... well vastness around the hips *wahaha!*. So I need to run! But not tomorrow err... today because as you can see, I am going to be sleep-deprived yet again tomorrow.

I had to write a paper tonight and while I think I was able to write the major parts, I will need to review it by tomorrow so that I can improve it. In the meantime, this will have to do. The paper I submitted to a conference in the States was accepted *woot!*! Thank You Lord! :) *happy dance!* At least, I will not just attend a conference but I will get to present as well. Hopefully, I can get comments while I am there. The paper has much to do with my dissertation.

The paper I am writing right now is related to my dissertation but not as relevant as the one I just submitted. The deadline of said paper is tomorrow night *wahahah*! I know, I should be reprimanded. I was thinking if I do not make it to this conference, I will submit to another... So maybe I will submit another paper to another conference, the more papers, the more chances of getting published.

The only exercise I got the last few weeks were, wall climbing, laser tag and arcade basketball! :) I got to climb more challenging walls this time and at 44 feet at that! I want to go back very soon! I also went to play Laser Tag with my friends! I have very poor hand-eye coordination but apparently, I have improved in vast proportions! I placed third out of 24 players! Some of the people I was with were very competitive too! I was soh pleased with myself when I saw the rankings! :) I got the printout to prove it too! :) I hope to be back. I am actually thinking if we can make it into an outreach program for our social action group! :) Another proof that I have that says I have better hand-eye coordination is how much I have improved at playing arcade basketball. I scored 104! Okay, my guy friend scored 128 but he used to be soh much better than me or actually, I used to suck more compared to him! :) I think he may be a good coach that's why!

I will be going surfing this weekend and got myself a brand new rash guard and board shorts! I am soh excited! I really hope I will learn!!! I must! I must! I invested so much already. In my defense, I bought these things because I really plan to go wake boarding very soon! This outfit will be a staple in those wake boarding trips! *woot!*

I think I might go to Barre3 sometime during this week because I need the workout... Or maybe not. I just really need to work out! Agh...

Actually, what I really need right now, now is... SLEEP!!!

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