Thursday, November 15, 2007


My head hurts. I think it's because my week i sof nonstop activities. I am again, biting off more than I can chew! Argh! I do this to myself all the time.

If I am getting married soon, this has got to change about me otherwise I am afraid my family might suffer. Just this afternoon I got an email from EGEE and there will be a winter school for Grid Computing. It will be done online but it will be 20 hours per week for a month. i do not know if my body can take that and if I should jump at the opportunity especially since I am getting married soon and I have to prepare for our wedding. Also, I am wondiering if I should do it since I have to take my Cisco Certification Exam soon.

Not really sure if I want to take the exam, mighty scared of it. I slept for two hours after my last class so I can stop my head from throbbing. Hay. And I need to go to Taipei on Sunday. I have not packed yet and I need to make exercises for my classes that I will be leaving. I also need to prepare for the meeting.

This is very stressful. It's not even cool anymore.

I also need to finish the paper that I should have finished a long time ago. It is so depressing when I need to think about all the things I have to finish.

What is annoying though is that I cannot give up a single thing I am doing now so I can find time to do more things.

Got to end this right here. I have things to do.

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