Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Penang, Malaysia Experience

A day after going back to Manila from Boracay, it was time for me to
leave again for Malaysia for another conference. This time around, I
was going to be the speaker. This is definitely nerve racking. Once
more, I asked my mom to drive me to the airport. My sister was a bit
sad that my brother and I were leaving on the same day. My brother was
bound for Hong Kong that day.

There were more faculty members who were able to go to Malaysia. The
plan was to go to Malaysia and then to go to Singapore after. I bought
a nice swim top for the beach since the Seventeen top that I got was
already falling apart (literally) after only two days in Bora!
Seriously! This has justified why I spend so much on Speedo tops! They
do not give me anxiety attacks for fear that my rack can do a
'peekaboo' anytime. I got one from Speedo this time. I was so excited
for this Malaysia trip because I was told that Penang has a nice

We had a stop over at the Singapore airport. The new airport (last
time I was there was hmm... 1990) was a lot bigger and there were more
shops! I don't think the prices are that great though, well at least
for the high end stuff. There are also internet terminals which
allowed me to check my mail (yes, such is the plight of someone
without a laptop with wifi and a working keyboard haha). We also ate
at McDonald's because we did not want to eat anything weird yet that
is cooked by a hairy Indian man no less. :) We got so busy that we
almost forgot it was almost time for boarding. Lo and behold, when we
got to the gate, we discovered that our flight's gate has transferred
to an opposite wing... Whew! We had to run! :) It was good fun though!
We had plenty of time left when we got to the gate.

The Shangri-la Rasa was so far from the airport. We were staying at
Golden Sands Shangri-la but the conference is at Rasa. The beach was
adjoined. It was already late in the afternoon when we got there so we
could no longer swim. We took a walk by the beach instead. The strip
was not as broad as that in Boracay. Any beach here in the Philippines
can beat what they have back there. I was soh disappointed.
The sand was very rough. It was golden but very rough. There was a
sign that said, "Swim at your own risk. Jellyfish infested.". They
sure know how to burst my bubble!

There was also a night market, which according to a write-up is
another attraction and that people actually go to Penang just to shop.
Again, it was a disappointment. The night market was nowhere better
than (not even as good, not even close) to Bangkok's night market. Add
to that, most items they sell are not even their products! Save for
the paintings that they have.

The conference was okay. My talk went well too though I might have
fumbled for a few seconds. After my talk a lot of people approached
me. None of those I have kept in touch though which is unfortunate.
Motorolla even approached me but for most conferences it's like that.
I was happy though that I was able to submit a proposal alongside
people from Asia and France. I just don't have any updates yet as to
what became of it. :)

The food though was excellent as always! hehe... Shangri-la food is
yummy which explains why I am still trying to shed inches and inches
from my waist and thighs! Crap! Malaysian food is definitely worth trying! Yum! Even the smaller restaurants there have five star food!

I don't know if I'll be able to lose the extra pounds ever!

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