Monday, May 28, 2007

My Valentine

My baby picked me from the condo with no flowers in hand. While in the car, amidst the traffic, he asked where I wanted to go. Wheels in my head started turning, "Why doesn't he know where we are going?". I distinctly remember him saying months before that we would spend it at Barbara's a cozy, romantic restaurant in front of San Agustin Church.
A few minutes later, in front of San Agustin was where we were parked. I was thrilled that he remembered! The night was beautiful, there was a couple playing on the piano. It was a five course set meal. The food was great and the ambience is unbeatable. There was even a three piece string ensemble that plays for each table. You can request any song you like. they did not know how to play the newer songs but I love the song Moonriver by Sinatra so I requested that. It was sooh romantic!If you want a nice sit down dinner that is romantic, I'll recommend Barbara's any day. The place is near and the food great!
Thanks baby for the romantic evening that you planned! I had a grand time as always! I love snuggling up to you and being with you! Can't wait for our next Valentine's Day!

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