Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Knight in Shining Armor on a Sick Leave

***News Flash***

I now have my Starbucks Planner. Thanks to my boyfriend who shamelessly (and I love him for it) asked strangers for their receipts. He does love me! Hehe... Nothing makes me go gaga over a guy more than when he risks embarassing himself just for me. :D Thanks to my sister who decided to try out Starbucks just so I can have the darn stickers and to my cofaculty who generously donated five stickers. :D

Okay... That sounded like an acceptance speech more than a news flash... But what the hell... Get your own blog if you have a problem with that. :D Just kidding!

***News Flash over***

Happy New Year!

My Christmas was a pretty quiet one. I spent it mostly in bed. After Christmas was when all the action took place! I was in Tagaytay the whole day of the 26th! It was soh relaxing. Cool wind gushing and the greens have therapeutic effects on me.

My boyfriend went home December 26 from La Union but texted me as soon as he got home that he was rushing himself to the hospital. I was already lying on my bed then, ready to fall asleep as I was very exhausted from the long but fun day. I had an adrenalin rush though as soon as I found out he was having a hard time breathing. I did not have much time to think of an outfit so I just wore the clothes that I just got out of and drove off to the hospital.

I found my baby in the emergency room looking great with his newly shaved head. Apart from his wheezing, I would not have known that there was something wrong with him. He was also running a fever. He was given Ventolin on a nebulizer but that did not work and that was enough to have the doctor say, he will be kept overnight for observation.

I stayed the night. I have never stayed the night for anyone. Not even for my brother and sister. When they were confined due to Dengue, my mom stayed and I stayed in the house. I was the runner then. This time around, I had to stay. There was no one else who can. His oldest sister had work the following day, the youngest was still in La Union along with his parents. His aunt had to work too.

It felt nice that for a change, I was able to do something for him. The second night, his parents came to visit him along with his sisters but they were too tired from the 8 hour drive and so I stayed the night again. I got to go home to take a bath and have some dinner but after that, it was hospital duty again.

I was totally glad that we did not have to stay the third night.

I am glad my baby is back on his feet again. He's back to being my knight in shining armor... okay... he coughs still every now and then and he is now equipped with a Ventolin puff but no worries because I know he loves me and I'm loving him back.

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