Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Series of Random Events

Still not finished with my report. I move in such a sluggish pace. I got distracted by the Magic Sing. I got to sing with my sister today. Now that is always fun!

I was supposed to go to Divisoria today with my friend but she had a sudden bout of high blood pressure. She got it earlier than usual. So instead of going to Divi, we went to her place instead so I can see my godchild who was unfortunately in a bad mood today due to his bad cold and cough. Poor thing. I hope he gets well soon.

After the visit, I got to go to a salon in our building's ground floor. For a long time now, I have been thinking of getting a hot oil. Yes. My hair has never tried it before. It was my first time today and I have to say it was rather lovely. :D It was cheap too. Well, I think. I got mine for five hundred which came with a foot spa, pedi, hair cut (I did not avail of this because I do not trust them yet, so far Propaganda is the only one I can entrust my hair style to since I have curly hair, I got a trim instead). I paid for an additional manicure. I did not like the manicure though, the woman was rushing and she got me so scared. No tip for her. The woman who took care of my hot oil treatment, blow dried my hair which is probably next to the suffering one can get from hell so big tip for her. It was my second time today for a foot spa and surprisingly, it tickled less this time. Anyway, I can't imagine how heavy my foot's weight was on the woman's thigh, plus I cannot imagine having to scrub other people's feet for a living so big tip for her too.

Over all, I will be coming back for the foot spa and the hot oil but no more manicure from that cruel lady. She did not even have customers waiting. Agh!

After the visit to the salon, I got to see my baby! He just got out of his bowling tournament where his team finished fourth out of so many teams! Hurray! We went to MOA to shop for Kris Kringle. I ended up at Terranova and since they had this sale adn there was this cute blouse for only 299. I just had to get it!

Might come back tomorrow for more finds. :)

So though my day did not work out quite as planned, I liked that I was able to still have fun. Maybe even more fun than I have hoped it would be.

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